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Licensed Psychologist & School Psychologist

Dr. Cyndi Fraser

Ph.D., NCSP, School Psychologist FL SS 824

Cynthia M. Fraser, Ph.D. is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP), Florida licensed School Psychologist, and a full time School Psychologist in the Volusia County School District. Her specialty areas include psycho-educational assessment of cognitive ability, academic skills, and social, emotional, and behavioral develop0ment in children and adolescents from pre-school through college.

Dr. Fraser is experienced in providing gifted evaluations, eligibility testing for special education services, assessing for attention deficit disorder (AD/HD) and other behavioral/emotional problems, as well as identifying individual strengths and weaknesses and developing interventions related to academic and behavioral concerns.

Dr. Fraser also provides individual counseling services to address a variety of issues including family and school adjustment problems, AD/HD, organizational and study skills, stress management, relaxation training, behavioral consultation, parenting issues, and bullying prevention.