Dr. Wanda Eppes & Associates

Licensed Psychologist & School Psychologist

Counseling, Consulting Public Speaking
and Program Development

Counseling is available in Colorado with Dr. Wanda Eppes and in Florida with Dr. Cyndi Fraser. Please see our Meet Our Providers pages for further information about services they can offer.

Consultation is available on an as needed basis in one hour increments. The consultation may be to review previous records in order to make recommendations about further actions to take. This may include recommendations for testing, counseling and/or for referral to other community resources.

Presentations: Dr. Eppes is available at minimal or no cost for speaking engagements to churches, parent groups and private schools on a variety of subjects. Please contact the Florida office for scheduling. Teen pregnancy prevention is a passion for Dr. Eppes and she is available to share successful programming to any interested civic group or organization.

Program Developer: Dr. Eppes is available to organizations, churches and schools as a program developer. For an example of a program developed by Dr. Eppes for pregnancy prevention, see: