Dr. Wanda Eppes & Associates

Licensed Psychologist & School Psychologist

Child and Adult Psychology Experts


We at Dr. Wanda Eppes & Associates are parents ourselves who care very deeply about you and your child's success.

We are dedicated, licensed, professionals experienced in working in the fields of psychology and school (educational) psychology. Children, teens, adults and their families may obtain brief screening, extensive evaluation and/or counseling services in this office. The results will assist in fostering the best adjustment at home, with peers and at school. We serve all ages, specializing in questions of developmental and educational relevance, to include developmental stages of adulthood. We also are available for second opinion evaluations paid by the public school system.

Each individual is unique and precious, and we wish to help you understand the individual's strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this information will help you become an effective advocate for you or for your student's success. We choose specific tests, from a large variety of tools in this office, based on the individuals' age and specific concerns.

The reports are written by our professionals, not computers. They not only fully describe the individuals' current status, but also offer intervention strategies based on what we find. In order to make our "snapshot" of the individual more complete, we request that you submit information from home, school and any tutors or therapists.

When you submit previous report cards, standardized testing results and previous evaluations, we can then integrate all of the information into a descriptive, individualized and comprehensive plan of action. Completion of your registration package prior to your first appointment is essential so that the provider can choose specific tools to focus on your referral concerns.

We also offer counseling intervention services, which are focused on home behavior management, self-concept, depression management, anxiety reduction and organizational skills, among others.