Goals and Mission

The goals and mission of Dr. Wanda Eppes & Associates is to offer diagnostic assessments for children, teens and young adults to illustrate strengths and weakness in their learning, attention, motivation, behavior, and mood. The insight produced from our evaluations allows parents to easily advocate for their student. Further, older students gain self-knowledge to use as a basis for educational and life success. As School Psychologists and Psychologists we have not only the training, but also have years of experience. We have all worked in Central Florida public school systems and understand what is needed to obtain support for your student. We are also familiar with many of the local private schools and the home school experience. Our goal is to offer comprehensive assessments which can paint a picture of your child as a whole, in this moment in time. Each of us is a child advocate who values individual differences and wishes to educate parents and teachers/tutors with the knowledge needed for the child’s success.  We also have a referral list as part of our Educational Recommendations document which has local professionals in many different child-related fields so that parents can then take the “next steps” in their journey to help their child.