Thank you for contacting us! The following information relates to our Comprehensive Report.  
For a child age 4 and below, we do a comprehensive evaluation which requires five hours of testing time spread out over two to three days, preferably morning appointments or designed to avoid nap-time. 
For a child age 5-11, six hours of testing time is needed, spread out over two or three days, preferably morning appointments. 
For an adolescent or young adult, we need seven hours, usually two 3.5 hour sessions in the afternoons. 
We have appointments during the work week and also on weekends.
The first appointment includes the parents in the session with the evaluator and student for the first half-hour to allow good rapport to be built, then the parents are excused to the reception area. We take breaks depending on the student’s personal pace and attention. If you bring snacks and drinks, he or she can join you in the reception area or take a walk with you outside under the trees for a few minutes.
The comprehensive evaluation includes three areas of testing: IQ (to determine a baseline for school ability), Achievement (reading, writing, arithmetic) and Cognitive Processing (to determine personal strengths and weaknesses in visual/motor/auditory processing, organization and attention). This format addresses Specific Learning Disabilities (dyslexia, etc.).
Questionnaires and evaluation can also be done to address low incidence handicaps such as AD/HD, autism, developmental delay, anxiety, depression, behavior concerns, etc.
The report is the most comprehensive you will find. The first report is a summary of all the data collected (testing results, review of previous records, social history and parent questionnaires).
We like to send questionnaires to the teacher also. This may require us to send them to you quickly (after you schedule) in order to avoid delays caused by summer or holiday scheduling.
Occasionally schools will ask the parent/guardian to sign an Authorization for Release of Information such that their employees can respond and the information send to our office. The conclusions will include diagnoses if there are any.
The second report is called Educational Recommendations which can be used for tutors and schools, besides the parent. These strategies are specifically chosen depending on the student’s age, intelligence, strengths, and weaknesses and are usually useful for about three years.
We do not file insurance but give you a “superbill” (invoice) which has procedure codes which insurance recognizes, then you may submit for reimbursement after you receive the report. They will only reimburse for certain diagnosis codes, so will not pay anything for some issues, especially Gifted eligibility testing. If your pediatrician could write, on letterhead, that “psychological testing is medically necessary,” there is more likelihood that some of the cost will be reimbursed to you. 
We ask for a $100 deposit to secure your appointment on the calendar and start the registration paperwork process. $75 is refunded to you upon cancellation with 7 days notice. We do not schedule appointments by email. Please phone us to learn of available dates on the calendar and to register.
Please let me know if you wish further information, especially about costs. You can call Lewis Jones, office manager, at the office number 407-677-4001, or leave a voice mail message. You may also reach Lewis on his cell, 407-414-8751. Our FAX is 888-366-4008.
We would look forward to meeting you and your student if you decide to make an appointment in our office. Once you schedule, we send the “WELCOME LETTER” via email, stating appointment times and office procedures.
Thank you for your interest in our services. We would be happy to welcome you to the office.